Neonverse defenders is a retro-futuristic 3D Tower Defense game.
The aim of this game is to bring a new dimension to the Tower Defense genre.

Even existing games in full 3D are still confined to two dimensions in their gameplay. The third dimension is really something to take into account in the placement of your towers as their range will also cover up/down axis.

With Neonverse Defenders, there is a will to change the standard layout of Tower Defense games to bring new fun. Expect some maps to be really crazy and destabilising, even for Tower Defense veterans. Some others will be really hard to figure out the best way to beat it.

The game also delivers a better control on towers behavior by allowing the player to define two targeting preferences (in a huge list of possibilities), resulting in interesting strategic choices.

Graphics are inspired by both futuristic elements, and retro style. It’s like an imaginary future world created in the eighties, full of colors and strange shapes.

Also, expect the story to be a little bit more entertaining than the traditional: “Enemies are coming, destroy them”.

Finally, the game offers different possibilities of improvement like experience, talent tree, and reset bonus. Prepare to chose which one suit your playstyle more.